Find the slope of the line. 5x – 2y = 7

Accepted Solution

Answer:Final answer is slope [tex]m=\frac{5}{2}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Given equation is [tex]5x-2y=7[/tex]Now question says to find the slope.Since given equation [tex]5x-2y=7[/tex] is a linear equation so we need to compare [tex]5x-2y=7[/tex] with slope intercept formula [tex]y=mx+b[/tex] to get the value of slope m.Since [tex]5x-2y=7[/tex] is not in that form so first let's rewrite it in y=mx+b form [tex]5x-2y=7[/tex][tex]-2y=-5x+7[/tex][tex]y=\frac{-5x+7}{-2}[/tex][tex]y=\frac{5}{2}x-\frac{7}{2}[/tex]Now comparing with y=mx+b, we get [tex]m=\frac{5}{2}[/tex]Hence final answer is slope [tex]m=\frac{5}{2}[/tex]