(x+2) is one of the factors of the polynomial x³+13x²+32x+20. Find its remaining factors.A little help....​

Accepted Solution

Answer:x^2+11x+10or(x+1)(x+10) since you can factor x^2+11x+10Step-by-step explanation:Let's do synthetic division.We are dividing by x+2, so -2 will be on the outside. Like this:-2 |         1          13          32         20    |                     -2        -22         -20    |___________________________              1          11           10            0The remainder is 0, so (x+2) is indeed a factor of x^3+13x^2+32x+20.The other factor we found by doing this is (x^2+11x+10).You can find more factors by factoring x^2+11x+10.Two numbers that multiply to be 10 and add to be 11 is 10 and 1 so the factored form of x^2+11x+10 is (x+10)(x+1).